Abalone Shell Ring

Abalone Shell Ring

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New Zealand abalone shell or Paua, is the most colorful shell in the world. The colour in the paua shell changes when viewed at different angles. This iridescence, similar to that in Mother of Pearl shell, but far more brilliant, is what makes paua shell so amazing. When positioned to catch the light you'll see flashes of blue and green (and some pink, purple and yellow too!) which make us love paua shell so much.

Product Specs

Hand wrapped entirely by sterling silver or 14k gold-fill wire.

Natural abalone shell ~ 6 mm

- Model is wearing ring size US5

- Size available from US3-US12

- For other sizes, enter your custom size in comment box upon checkout.

*Each piece is natural and unique due to the nature of the shells. No two pieces are alike. If you'd prefer any particular variations (such as more blue or pink colour, more or less line texture), let us know on your order.


Tarnish Resistant Silver

Exclusive Silver Plated colors that offer striking beauty and shine. These wires are made by first plating the copper wire with a precision layer of pure silver. Then we carefully apply our unique enamel color and non-tarnish coating on top of this silver plating. The silver plating beneath the color adds an incredible high-shine and brilliance to the wire. Water and sweat resistant.

14k Gold-Filled 

Our gold-filled pieces are imported from USA and have a thick layer of 14k gold, heat and pressure bonded to a high-quality brass core. They contain 100x more real gold than regular gold-plating. They are durable, long-lasting product. As gold-fill jewelry is just a step down from solid gold, it offers the ideal balance of quality and value. Hypoallergenic.

//Designed & handmade by Luccacal

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